A Year to Remember

Let me tell you, this past year has been one to remember. After much discussion, prayer, and feeling lead in one direction, Brian and I started 2016 by packing up our entire town home and moving a state over to relocate beginning a new adventure in our marriage. Was moving an easy decision? No. Did I spend months and months crying wondering if we made the right move? Yes. Did I trust God and my husband? Yes.

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Home “Honey Do’s”

When dating, Brian and I didn’t see ourselves owning a home within five years of marriage. We didn’t see ourselves moving back to Kansas. We saw ourselves living overseas. We saw ourselves doing ministry and helping those in third world countries. We prayed for those opportunities. Despite what we wanted, we mostly prayed for God to use us in the way He knew He needed us. We prayed for his guidance and to make any “big” life decision clear and to “go” smoothly. God knew our desires and thoughts for our lives, but in the end, it was His will that won. Today I couldn’t be more thankful.

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Distressed State Decor

After recently moving back to Kansas, Brian and I were excited to finally purchase our own home! After searching and searching . . . (more on that later) we finally found “Our Home!”

We were so fortunate to find a house that wasn’t actually on the market yet and take our time praying about it. We owe that to the sweet sweet owners who were relocating back to their home state. Because of our unique experience we were able to get to know the current home owners and hear their story (we all have one!). I immediately fell in love with their hearts Read More »